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I’ve successfully configured my account and just imported my pst-file from Outlook 2007.

My emails and everything are there but the Address Book was not included. There are various things which could have gone wrong here.

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The Outlook Social connector (Free with Outlook 2010/2013) will do what you are asking for.To recover from either situation see: Contacts are not available in the Outlook Address Book.If the Contacts are not in the Contacts folder, then you either forgot to select the folder when creating an export , or didn’t select the folder when importing the pst-file.Outlook 2007 users should select Tools from Outlook's uppermost menu, then Send/Receive and Download Address Book from the Tools drop down menus. Make sure the following options are selected: De-check the Download changes since last Send/Receive option Make sure Full Details is selected Make sure the \Global Address List is selected from the Choose address book drop down menu Click the OK button at the bottom.The most recent version of the Global Address List will be downloaded from the CUMC IT Exchange server.

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