Updating an old bicycle

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Shimano’s new internal battery system uses an E-Tube charger box that connects to any USB adaptor. You can add an additional charging cradle to the system if you want to charge both batteries at once. Di2 initial installation and setup are best handled by shops, says Legan, a former pro team mechanic for CSC and Radio Shack.But once it’s done, an electronic drivetrain should shift exactly the same every time.Plus, the front and rear derailleur batteries are interchangeable.

It’s difficult to retrofit electronic shifting to some frames (see above) and if you’re already looking at spending ,000 on a new groupset, “then from a cost-effectiveness standpoint, you should probably just get a new bike,” Nordwall says, and benefit from innovations like oversize steerer tubes and lighter, stiffer carbon fiber frames.

Right now, e Tap is only compatible with mechanical brakes (BB7 or BB5 road discs work).

Menna would not divulge any plans for future hydraulic versions of e Tap, but it’s such a valuable market that hydraulic-brake versions are almost certainly coming within the next year.

Di2-equipped bikes start around ,500—no one’s idea of a bargain—but if you’re set on switching, it may be the smarter choice.

If you go the new bike route, consider whether you want to run disc or rim brakes.

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