Updating assembly in gac

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Note: When you update a Biz Talk assembly, you should stop and unenlist artifacts before importing from the file.You should re-enlist and then start Biz Talk artifacts after you import from the - How to Import a Biz Talk Application (Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.Visit Stack Exchange How can i update a CLR function (or procedure) assembly dll without having to drop and re-create the assembly in SQL Server (2008 R2)? to add a new function), SQL Server will not honor the updated dll until i drop the assembly: If the FROM clause is specified, ALTER ASSEMBLY updates the assembly with respect to the latest copies of the modules provided.

To configure your product installed using Windows Installer to update assemblies in-place, you need to add or update your table to include a File Version property with the new file version – not the assembly version, which must remain the same to update the old assembly in-place – of the assembly.Link Id=154827).- How to Import an Application from an File- "Importing a Biz Talk Application" section of Best Practices for Deploying an Application.- How to Install a Biz Talk Application (Link ID=154728).- How to Install an Assembly in the GAC ( After importing an assembly that contains an orchestration, if the application to which you are importing it already contains an assembly that has the same name, public key token, and version, stop and start the host instances of the host to which the orchestration is bound.Link Id=154826).- How to Export an Application to an File- "Exporting a Biz Talk Application" section of Best Practices for Deploying an Application.Import the changed or updated artifacts from the file into the application that you want to update, installing the application.

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