Updating blackberry 8830

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Since this is the only valid way through which you can re install the application software. Even though i tried to install the application software with the help of the Loader executable in the App Loader folder but it resulted in the same error what i got before.

Hence it would be better if you can suggest me another solution in this matter.

By using only two letters per button, rather than three letters per button as in T9 using ten-digit keypads, predictive text accuracy could be improved dramatically.It is built into the old form factor in the same vein as the 7200 series.RIM expanded the market by introducing the first Black Berry models without a discrete QWERTY keyboard, in the candybar form factor.Thanks in Advance I would suggest you to install the application software again but this time try to follow the steps which i have mentioned below: 1.Install it using the Loader executable in the App Loader folder. Restart your machine , Attach the blackberry device to the machine. Go to the location C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research in Motion\App Loader 4.

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