Updating canadian citizenship card

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These wallet-sized cards were issued to naturalized citizens and resembled the birth certificates which were issued by many provinces and which were also wallet-sized and plastic and could be used to prove citizenship.

After , CIC the citizenship card and the commemorative certificate presented to new Canadians were replaced with the citizenship certificate.

Information on applying for citizenship grants is available on the CIC website.

Yes, you may renounce your Canadian Citizenship by completing and submitting an "Application to Renounce Canadian Citizenship Under Sub-Section 9(1)" along with original documentation to support your application and the application fee.

Older citizenship certificates are still accepted as proof of Canadian citizenship, as are citizenship cards.

The commemorative certificates presented at citizenship ceremonies are not considered valid proof of citizenship.

To use travel as proof that you need your replacement certificate urgently you must be able to show an acceptable reason for why you need to travel so urgently.

It lists your Unique Client Identifier, name, certificate number, sex, date of birth, and the effective date of your citizenship.

Instead of a card, Canadian citizens needing to prove their status will be issued a citizenship certificate.

You can apply for this document if you were born in Canada but need more proof of citizenship than your birth certificate or if you were born outside of Canada but are a citizen.

You have to include a copy of your ticket or flight itinerary showing: Certain careers, such as working for the federal government, or working in the terminal of an airport require that you prove you are a Canadian citizen to work there.

If you need to prove you are a Canadian citizen for your job, your employer has to write a letter that should include: Keep in mind that urgent processing is not guaranteed.

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