Updating device xml

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We can use a script that iterates Employee nodes appropriately: We've used the XQuery multiplication operator to increase the existing value of every Salary node in Marketing by 10%.We incorporated the SQL variable '@i' (inside of a sql:variable() extension function), which was used to iterate the Employee nodes.I have also tried the Synchronize xml option, but not worked as expected. If you want you can also switch to the previous device. [2013-03-07 - SDK Manager] Error parsing C:\Users\sr\.android\devices.xml, backing up to C:\Users\sr\.android\old [2013-03-07 - SDK Manager] Error parsing C:\Users\sr\.android\devices.xml, backing up to C:\Users\sr\.android\old I have resolved this issue. just check the old from C:\Android Installation Dir\android-sdk- windows\tools\lib If it contains the few device element.To allow for precise modification of XML nodes and values, the XQuery XML query language employs an extension known as the XML Data Modification Language (DML).The XML DML uses the XML modify() method, which makes use of three operational keyword sets: insert, replace value of, and delete. The insert keyword uses the following structure: The Accounting node was added inside the Salaries node by simply using the insert..format.

For example, an operation that tries to update the salary amount of two different employees in the following manner will fail: UPDATE HR_XML SET Salaries.modify('replace value of (/Salaries/Marketing/Employee[@ID=("2")]/Salary/text())[1] with ("60000")'), Salaries.modify('replace value of (/Salaries/Marketing/Employee[@ID=("1")]/Salary/text())[1] with ("60000")') GO Instead, multiple updates to the same XML value must be accomplished using entirely separate UPDATE statements. We need to update the salary amount to match that of employee #2 (60600): Notice that we had to perform two separate modify() operations in order to update the salary and tier data.

The project description for project #1 has become outdated.

We need to remove the description for the time being.

Even though there is only one Salaries node, the singleton is still required.

Attempting to run the query without the singleton will result in an error: We see that the node was placed after the only other existing node residing on the same level (the Marketing node) by default.

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