Updating garmin c330 maps

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" menu, gives you access to "Go Home" (a location that you travel to/from frequently), "Favorites," or "Recent Selections." You can edit the name of any of your Favorites and assign a map display icon from an available list of 117. " options are, we were disappointed that there was no simple way to save your current location as a Favorite.To save a waypoint from the map view took seven screen taps, which is far too many.The c330 features a 3.5-inch (diagonal), 320–by-240 (16-bit) touch screen and a map-laden hard drive.The highly reflective screen was difficult to view in bright sunlight, but looked fine on overcast days and at night, when it automatically changes to a night color scheme.Similar products from Lowrance, Magellan, Navman, and Tom Tom can all save the current location within one or two screen taps. In road tests totaling over 700 miles, it made only two clearly identifiable errors, and we discovered that you have a pretty good degree of control over navigation preferences.

When you're driving without a route defined, the map displays your current location, speed, and direction.

For more detailed information, a touch of the speed/ETA tab will bring up a comprehensive trip computer, displaying your overall average speed, moving average speed, maximum speed, total time, moving time, and stopped time.

This screen also displays current direction, an analog/digital speedometer, and your total trip distance since the previous reset. " icon on the main screen brings up a submenu of icons for food, lodging, fuel, intersections, attractions, shopping, parking, entertainment, recreation, community, cities, hospitals, transit, auto services, and parking.

Simplicity appears to be a defining characteristic of the c330, and this will definitely appeal to GPS newbies (the target market for the device, we're told)—as will the recent 0 price drop, to 9 list.

Experienced users, however, will probably yearn for a few more configuration options, such as the ability to display more data (available satellites, for instance), plan multisegment routes, and quickly save a waypoint with one or two clicks (it takes several with the c330).

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