Updating group policy immediately

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One of the recommendations I always give people who ask my opinion on updating to new versions of Windows is that if you do upgrade or deploy new servers to always do your Active Directory Domain Controllers first.

By updating the DCs first one can start implementing stronger authentication as clients are migrated and also start implementing policies that address the new versions of Windows as they start joining the domain.

Occasionally, I make a change to Group Policy on the network, and I want to force the policy to update on all the computers.

This is shown here.$cn = Get-ADComputer -filt *The second thing I need to do is to create a remote session with all the remote computers.

The thing is that they often want me to update Group Policy five times, and then wait five minutes between refreshes.

No problem—I can do that in a single Windows Power Shell command line.

If you are like me you probably had a bash script with Ps Exec from Sysinternals, a Power Shell script that created a process with WMI or use Invoke-Command with Power Shell remoting.

As you can see there are many ways to achieve this but the simplest I have found using command line using Invoke-GPUpdate.

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