Updating groupshield

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I don't know WHY it doesn't list in e PO, I just know that constantly forcing e PO to acknowledge the product being uninstalled/reinstalled manages to fix it.

PCs on Campus are protected from Virus outbreaks by Network Associates software - Mc Afee Viru Scan.

Visit Stack Exchange I have recently been given Administrative rights to help maintain e PO on my companies network.

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In order to protect the campus from infections generated by home computers, students and employees are allowed to install the same software on their personal PCs. We are using Mc Afee's Virus Scan with e-policy Orchestrator agent (the agent does the automatic updating for the user) and Mc Afee's Group Shield on both the main University's e-mail servers.

The cause of the issue lies in XML files containing invalid XML markup in the form of “comments” which prevents .

The issue was also blogged on by fellows Jason Sherry, Paul Cunningham while Tony Redmond has additionanal background details here.

So, how well is the virus, click here for what viruses were detected and here for the type of viruses.

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