Updating hardy heron to ibex

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The consequence is that you will not be notified of a new normal release when it arrives.

In order to be able to start the upgrade process, you’ll need to start the Software Sources application from Applications-System.

Finally, the upgrade process is almost complete – all it needs you to do to finish it off is to restart your computer and cross your fingers that the upgrade went smoothly and your system is still usable.

As said, I had been warned that the driver for my graphics card was no longer available, but luckily the Hardware Drivers application (Applications-System) pointed out that another proprietary driver was available that allowed me to enable Compiz again.

Usually I install Xubuntu afresh when a new release arrives.

This time along, though, I felt like upgrading from Xubuntu 8.04 to Xubuntu 8.10.

Going with the default options is often sensible as well.

It also advises you to close all open applications to prevent loss of data – wise words indeed.

The first thing to consider is that Xubuntu 8.04 is a “Long Term Support” release, meaning that it’ll receive security updates for a longer period of time than normal releases.

Thus, people using this version won’t need to upgrade Xubuntu every six months when a new version is released.

A torrent file is not that big, so it should not take too long to download and does not place much of a burden on the servers.

After having downloaded the file to wherever you like, open up Transmission from .

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