Updating image u boot

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Note: Refer to the Txx Recovery Mode article if the module is not able to boot into U-Boot.

After the update, reset or power cycle to execute the new U-Boot.

Prepare an SD card as described in the articles below (according to the module of interest): Flashing Embedded Linux to i MX6 Modules Flashing Embedded Linux to i MX7 Modules Flashing Embedded Linux to Vybrid Modules Replace the existing U-Boot binary in the first partition of your SD card. MX 6) Starting with image V2.7 use the built Note: Refer to the Flashing Embedded Linux articles above if the module is not able to boot into U-Boot.

Note: This does not reset the U-Boot environment to the new default values.

One has to overcome some obstacles to get the hello_world example in the U-Boot sources up and running on an ARM based CPU.

1) The binary needs to be linked to an address were it eventually gets loaded and executed. set CONFIG_STANDALONE_LOAD_ADDR to your choosen address. 2) U-Boot and the standalone application must be compiled for the same ARM instruction set (arm vs. If you build both binaries from the same configured U-Boot tree that is inherently so.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) and later provide a version which is recent enough: Alternatively, one can use the tools built with an Open Embedded build. You need some basic build tools to compile the kernel.

apalis evaluation board | apalis imx6 | apalis t30 | apalis tk1 | colibri evaluation board | colibri imx6 | colibri imx6ull | colibri imx7 | colibri t20 | colibri t30 | colibri vf50 | colibri vf61 | iris | ixora | orchid This article describes how-to build the U-Boot boot loader and the Linux kernel directly without using a higher level build system such as Open Embedded.display Key: function(suggestion) , // Hash of templates used when rendering dataset. I would like to download it to target without removing the SD card, using Kermit.Then choose one of those configurations and load it: to your liking (e.g.change at least the name and description for you to be able to distinguish it from our regular package).

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