Updating lg viewty

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I heard everytime you text you have to turn it off. ); the second mistake i made was not researching the GC900 on youtube(! I've had mine for about 24hrs now, and am loving it.LG have reported sales of 310,000 units in Europe in the first five weeks.A blog entry by UK mobile phone reseller Dial-A-Phone suggested that the Viewty may be outselling the Apple i Phone in the region, citing anecdotal reports of sluggish sales and Apple's reluctance to publish figures for the i Phone in the region as evidence.it is so bad now, that every time i take a picture with this phone, i have to plug it into a pc in order to view it, because it simply can't "see" it!forget about just dumping your movie-collection onto this phone, as you first have to convert it using the supplied divx-converter in order for it to be able to play, and then only at the lowest (and most rediculous) resolution on offer to play back on a device with a supposed 480 x 800 resolution!you can get it on pay as you go but only in some shops, carphone warhouse is one of the places that does it on pay as you go, but its quite expensive on pay as you go so you might as well buy it from amazon or somewhere like that Hi all. The Wi FI connection is great, screen is bright and a good size, touchscreen far less frustrating than I had expected (this is my first touch screen phone).Is there anyway to permanently off the t9 for good? I'll play on with it some more, and write a review on my blog: hi guys, just thought i'd give you a rundown of my experience with this phone, which i've now been using since early august; the first mistake i made was back then when i was looking to buy my first "smartphone", was to compare every phone on specs with the iphone, as i am an ardent apple hater(!

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There has yet to be an announcement on whether the phone will be released in the US.

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