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when its done, rename it to the game ( so for crisis core, name it final fantasy VII crisis core or something along those lines... go back to 'USB DEVICE' and press left or right until its on 'Memory Stick' now press select again to exit the VSH Menu, navigate back to usb and that is your Memory stick.if there isnt a folder called 'ISO' create 1, but make sure it is 'ISO' ( without the ' s ) now put the game that you jsut ripped into that folder.Nothing happened and if i go to system information it shows software as still 4.01 M33-2. You have to get your PSP connected to the Internet then click on system update under settings click on yes then download it then start the game and it will install the update and then the system will shut down automatically then turn your PSP back on and there you have it PSP update is up to date. Requirements and Installation : - Installation requires a PSP with 3.52 M33-3 or higher [Phat PSP], or 3.60 m33 or higher [Slim PSP].Now exit USB Mode, if you have a custom theme on, put the official theme on.Go to your 'Game' menu on the PSP, go to memory stick, and run the 'PSP Update ver 5.00' Don't worry, it might look like its updating to the official firmware, but its not.

go to 'UMD ISO MODE' and press left or right until you get to 'Sony NP9660' that lets you play mroe games off the MS without a UMD inserted.When it gets to the end, you might get a blue screen with in a couple languages saying a warning, if you do, it means you have a custom theme installed.Shutdown your PSP manually after that screen disappears and then turn it back on. When done, you now have 5.00 M33-6 installed on your PSP!! Now if you have a Phat PSP ( PSP-1000 ) make sure you have loaded the 1.50 Official Firmware above and the kernel Addon.now while still in the VSH Menu, go to 'USB DEVICE' and press left or right on the PSP until you get to 'UMD Disc' now press select to exit the VSH Menu, and go to settings and then USB Connection plug your PSP into your computer and the folder that usually comes up is your mem stick, if it does, press o on your psp tehn enter usb connection again.when you enter usb again, there should be 1 folder in there called 'UMD 9660' ( correct me if im wrong ) now copy and paste that to your desktop or somewhere you will remember it.

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