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One of the most well known and widely used intrusion detection systems is the open source, freely available Snort.

It is available for a number of platforms and operating systems including both Linux and Windows.

Passive IDSA passive IDS simply detects and alerts.

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The issue is that there will be a lag between a new threat being discovered in the wild and the signature for detecting that threat being applied to your IDS.

During that lag time your IDS would be unable to detect the new threat.

HIDS (Host based Interusion dtection system)Host Intrusion Detection Systems are run on individual hosts or devices on the network. Signature Based A signature based IDS will monitor packets on the network and compare them against a database of signatures or attributes from known malicious threats.

A HIDS monitors the inbound and outbound packets from the device only and will alert the user or administrator of suspicious activity is detected. This is similar to the way most antivirus software detects malware.

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