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If you purchased a premade theme the vendor usually releases patches for every new M2 version that comes out.Go to or the site you bought your theme from and see if there are updates available for download.You should be able to refresh the page to see the changes.Use either of the following methods to update Magento.Note: If this is the first time you log in to Magento Connect (i.e.no packages are listed under the 'connect.magentocommerce.com/core' channel), you will need to prepare the downloader by typing "" in the Extension Key field, and then click on the Install button.Note that this process will take some time depending on the overall size of your database.Upgrading your Magento store to a new version is most easily done using the Magento Connect Manager.

Figure 3: Magento upgrade procedure completed Congratulations, you have now successfully upgraded your Magento store to the newest version!

If it’s a custom-made theme you should definitely contact its developers and ask them to audit it.

Tell them you just upgraded M2 and you are not sure if the theme will play well with the current Magento version.

Once you do that you will need to navigate to the Magento installation folder.

For example, if your Magento store is installed in the public_html/ directory you will need to execute the following commands: Navigate to the public_html/ folder: Alternatively, you can initiate the database upgrade by visiting your Magento store online.

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