Updating my address book scam

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Yes - We got the a mail from company called National yellow pages / Yellow pages united & asked to confirm name of business. Try using one provided by your internet provider, or buying a paid e-mail name.

Now they are sending invoice for 0 & threatening to go collections. I have argued unsuccessfully for the last 2 years that I don't owe the debt to yellow pages america because its a scam.

They claim that I made a contract to list my business on their service.

I have never been listed anywhere with Open Business Directory, and I have never made a contract with them. In my case, information that Open Business Directory claims to have listed online does not even contain the correct address of my business.

This proves that this information was not provided by me or anyone at my company. Yet I have been receiving faxed invoices for 38 (they added a late fee) and now 5 years later, I am receiving a bill for more than 00 and a threat of legal action.

The fax came through for free listings which had a charge in the small print now am getting bills with charges and threatening collection agencies Whenever you talk to a telemarketer, do not use the word "Yes" while talking to them.

This will make it much harder for them to alter audio to make it sound like you agree.

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