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I have a blackberry 9315/9320 reboots again and again giving no time to play the keys, restart again and again all the time will I can help with that friend? I have tried: Removed battery and restarted a number of times.. How would you suggest that I can recover my passwords. I suggest that you send your phone to the nearest Blackberry Service Center so they can figure out if it is software related or the physical buttons that needs fixing. I think it was caused by: Keypad went silly and could only enter numbers or symbols then it shows an Alt sign in a box in the top right hand corner of the screen where the bars of wireless connectivity are and cannot get it to disappear. Should I reinstall Password Keeper on my upgraded OS and then sync the data between the backup on my Laptop and my phone? I will update the post update 3 reloads to finally the load worked. will reload 10.2So it looks like the mandatory push of 10.3 is a small mess. After doing a 5th reload of 10.3 it seems to be working. I understand the need for the protect but to be honest the upgrade is crap. 10.3.2 loaded and now it's dead and Link states "unsupported device attached" Will keep trying but if this is the way Blackberry is building software their in trouble. At this point I wont even think of doing my other Z10.I also removed battery, SIM and storage card and rebooted it. Finally, I did a factory reset of my device, but no luck. To produce this level of software and have no way of backing down or upgrading to something else is sad. Ok this will sound nuts but apparently the Z10 update fails if the SIM is not in and active for some reason. Blackberry apparently built the update "assuming" the phone would have a SIM installed.

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The update process takes 30-45 minutes to complete.

STL100-2, -.3.1.2582 ( a auto push to the phone) added the SIM and it worked. been searching for a reason or info but so far nothing.

I have another Z10 and may experiment now that I "think" I can get it past this if it fails. Am from India, we do not have any carrier dependent.

It shows error downloading the software, check your internet connection.

I contacted my telephone operator Mobilink Pakistan but it said that there is no issue on their end. the led starts blinking 1 then 6 which based on the available info is a software issue.

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