Updating ngage qd

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The N-Gage QD is about 20 percent smaller than the original and has been redesigned for more comfortable use as a cell phone.

Even then there were some third-party applications that enhanced the interface or replaced the system shell.

Then came the fight to work out how to log in again I still don't know how I did it, and I might be misunderstanding things but it seems to have wiped my n-gage points. 5: Do the firmware update with NSU 6: Reinstall N-Gage 7: Restore the backup 8: Reinstall the N-Gage games The PC Suite backup/restore should also work, and in the latest PC Suite versions you can also do a selective backup/restore to some degree (in the past you really had no control at all).

Edit: I can't remember what I deleted but it was a selection from the following list: XML Data Binding , RGA APIs and Repository Files , Open C LIBSSL , Standard C library , AOA , N-Gage , NCD engine , Symbian OS Pipes , Symbian OS PIPSUnfortunately nokia has never improved the Backup program to check the FW version before a restore operation and either do a safe partial restore or else block the restore process entirely after FW changes. And nowadays some data can also be restored to a different phone model with PC Suite.

Some features, available in the original system, such as MP3 playback, FM radio reception and USB connectivity were removed from the new device, presumably to reduce size and cost.

Instead of using the N-Gage with generic USB removable drive drivers, a user could use either Bluetooth or a separate MMC card reader to transfer files onto the device memory or an MMC card for use in the N-Gage QD.

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