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The Common Crypto Lib is part of the kernel of SAP Net Weaver Application Servers.Beginning with Kernel 7.20 PL88, no particular kernel patch is required to use Common Crypto Lib.At the time of writing, is available for the x86_64, ppc64, and s390x architectures.Switching from the standard RHEL subscription for an SAP server does not require an OS rebuild.However judging by the version numbers you mentioned this question is acually about S/4 HANA, and there the limitations of support limitations of SAP HANA apply, and therefore running S/4 HANA on RHEL 6.8 is currently not supported.For further questions about the supportability of SAP products on RHEL I would recommend to contact SAP directly, since they decide on which OS releases their products are supported.

Since the end of 2013 SAP provides the Common Crypto Lib as the technical successor and replacement for the SAP Cryptographic Library.Previous SAP* resource agents for This solution is part of Red Hat’s fast-track publication program, providing a huge library of solutions that Red Hat engineers have created while supporting our customers.To give you the knowledge you need the instant it becomes available, these articles may be presented in a raw and unedited form.Westerdale, for SAP Net Weaver there is actually no limitation on which RHEL minor release you can use, so for a regular SAP Net Weaver setup you can use RHEL 6.8 or any other RHEL6 minor release (sse SAP Note 1496410 - Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.x: Installation and Upgrade (https://launchpad.com/#/notes/1496410 ; SAP Service Marketplace account required).For SAP HANA support is limited to specific RHEL minor releases, the currently supported ones are listed in SAP Note 2235581 - SAP HANA: Supported Operating Systems (https://launchpad.com/#/notes/0002235581 ; SAP Service Marketplace account required), and as you can see there RHEL 6.8 is currently not supported.

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