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The last thing is to ensure your server configuration is optimal for Joomla, if say zip/unzip is not available that could cause it to fail (as well as installing other extensions).Sometimes we have issues with updates, this is my findings and ways I have gotten around it, though it may not work in all cases.Worked perfectly for me, I used it for just one fillable pdf that I couldn't view or print because it was in this annoying XFA fillable format :-( I installed Acrobat Reader for ubuntu using: https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-adobe-acrobat-reader-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux While this is an old version of the Acrobat Reader I was able to open that special file.Note: I had to download the needed pdf file to my desktop and open this file using the Acrobat Reader Chrome should work BUT Chrome first needs the Notable PDF plugin to actually view the PDF. That should get you smooth sailing viewing PDF via a browser. Okular is supposed to be one of the most stable PDF readers on Linux systems. It has a little more features than Evince, which I saw you've already tried. Visit Stack Exchange I have a group policy that looks in C:\background\default for the lock screen.When I set the policy and did a gpupdate, restarted, logged in, and then logged back out the picture was there. And is this Windows 10 v1607 or later (the Anniversary Update)?

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When you try to open these files in an alternative PDF viewer, then you will see this error message.If a device doesn't check in to get the policy or profile after the first notification, Intune makes three more attempts.An offline device, such as turned off, or not connected to a network, may not receive the notifications.How are such files meant to be opened on Ubuntu given the official Adobe Acrobat Reader package is deprecated?It's not a real problem for me practically as I have actually managed to install Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (BTW I am, however, afraid this ancient version is going to start having problems with opening new files of this kind soon) on Xubuntu 15.10 a reasonably tidy way by unpacking the old Ubuntu DEB package, putting the necessary files to a subdirectory in /opt and editing the Reader's launch scripts but I believe it's a pretty serious issue for using Ubuntu in commercial/academy/government environments so there is to be a more proper way. The free version is good for viewing, but for editing probably not (I read that it leaves watermarks).

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