Updating your passport in canada

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If you're mailing your child's application from the United States, it also generally takes 20 business days starting the day after your completed application and all necessary supporting documentation are received.

The process can take longer, though, and sometimes additional information is requested.

From birth to age 16, all Canadian kids need their own passports for international travel.

A Canadian child's passport is only valid for five years, even if this extends past the 16th birthday.

Some passport offices offer urgent and express services for an extra fee if you have to leave Canada quickly and have proof of your travel plans. Both of my adult sons renewed their passports quickly to attend family events in the U. — one on the same day and one in two weeks, despite having to renew his Ontario health card as ID.

Expedited service is available in certain urgent situations, such as the death of a family member.Applying for or renewing a Canadian passport has become more streamlined in the last few years.It takes 10 business days if you apply in person at a Canadian passport office and 20 business days if you apply in person with a Service Canada receiving agent or by mail within Canada.“A simple phone call to the hospital is all I suspect is required to resolve this issue.“What was supposed to be a five-month process has dragged out to eight months and I could continue to be landlocked for up to 24 months.It’s preposterous.”I also heard from Ken Ould, who had booked a flight for April 23, 2018, to visit family in England. S.-born Canadian citizen, he had no proof of citizenship except a document issued in 1967.

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