User friendly geek dating flowchart

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Using the Fill function will allow you to duplicate one sheet across many others quickly and accurately.

If you need some additional help with using this feature, Tom has a great step-by-step tutorial on his blog. $D:$L)And another one that does the same thing:=SUM(Jan Total, Feb Total, Mar Total)Which one do you prefer?

Use emphasis (bold or italics) to highlight differences between headers and data, and use light cell coloring to pick out summary rows and formulas. A working spreadsheet with no formatting may not look good, but it works.

An unfinished spreadsheet that looks fantastic is, however, useless.

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You have created 12 sheets and named them January to December, laid out and formatted the January sheet, and then proceed to copy and paste the spreadsheet to the other 11 sheets.

You probably need to send out an Excel spreadsheet or report to clients quite often – but do you want them looking at all your data and formulas? Although there’s a number of ways to stop people looking at and changing things on your spreadsheet (you can hide things, protect things, or disguise values with formatting), with a little bit of know-how, all these methods can be circumvented.

As with everything else, often the simplest route is the best.

It may seem obvious but a lot of people just open Excel, start typing and hope for the best.

However, you need to do a little planning before you dive in and start creating a spreadsheet.

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