Validating file upload control constance marie dating

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So we have an existing list of mime types useful for the purpose.

List of mimes [js classname="small_code"] var mime_types = ; [/js] The above list of mime types can give the mime type of a give extension like zip or png.

Use this property to access the contents of the file as bytes.

For example, you can use the Stream object that is returned by the File Content property to read the contents of the file as bytes and store them in a byte array.

You can use this property to access additional properties on the file.

The Content Length property gets the length of the file.

The Posted File property is used to access the underlying Content Length property and return the size of the file.If the size of the file to upload is less than 2 MB, the Save As method is called to save the file to the specified path on the server.In addition to checking for the maximum file size setting in your application code, you can set the The following example demonstrates how to create a File Upload control that saves files to a path that is specified in the code.Next we have a function that provides the list of allowed mimes as an array : [js] /* Get the mimes of a list of extensions as an array */ function get_mimes(extensions) [/js] This method can be used like this get_mimes(['zip' , 'png']) and it will return an array of mimes for the given extensions.This return values is used in the validation part to simply check if the mime of the selected file is there in this list or not. References : The documentation of the file api lies here :

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