Validating user interface in

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Warning Deprecation Previously validation in Granite UI is achieved by using this plugin.

Quickly design and develop compelling user interfaces for your Android applications Often applications require specific types of input from their users.

This will have two important side effects: When accepting text or other keyboard input from the users, it’s best to signal its validity to the users while they are still entering it.

A common method is to use an Image View to the right of the Edit Text widget, and changing the image content to signal whether the user has entered valid or invalid content.

Always ensure that fixing a mistake is as painless as possible for the user.

The more work they have to do to correct a misspelled word (or similar), the more likely it is that they will stop using the application.

It’ll also allow you to signal that something is wrong without stopping them from using the rest of the form.

So, using simple selector should be your primary objective, while you have to be careful with combinators.

However, if you do disable such a button, ensure that it is clear which form element has undesirable data on it, and make sure it is on their screen.

A great alternative is to Toast the user when they select a Next button, and scroll to the invalid element.

Make use of background (or asynchronous) messages if you need to check the users’ input against some remote service.

This will allow you to validate the user’s content as they are using the application.

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