Violet dating sim updating sys servers

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Meaning, she’s launched but has no Facebook integration that I can find: perhaps Facebook wasn’t keen on the idea of fake profiles?

Cloud Girlfriend does not offer falling in love - a one-click is enuf said in that department.

This console is about to get an upgrade via the console’s camera, allowing the virtual girlfriend to meet, chat with, and “remember” new people that you introduce her to.

The stated point of the Love Plus girlfriend is to get her to fall in love with you through companionship.

Cloud Girlfriend’s email today announced “Cloud Girlfriend Open To All” and I have to wonder if they checked the double-entendre before it went out the door.

What I'm trying to say is, that's okay if they meant it that way.

Her name is Margaux, and I’m guessing she had the photographer’s watermark removed so that her face would look slimmer.

It looks like you can use the private chat and probably be as nasty as you want, but I do see the 'report this conversation' button.▼ …but then occasionally they drop a few odd lines here and there that make you stop for a moment. She is kind yet remorseless, and has no qualms about hastening the end for her victims. One may engage in a romantic relationship with Violet if she is spoken to and The Ecdysis Club is chosen as the subject of discussion.Cloud Girlfriend’s original proposition was that it would create a “perfect girlfriend” for users.According to founder David Fuhriman, the service would “help guys get a girlfriend” because on Facebook it would make guys basically look like they have buy-in (they being lent credibility from the fake cloud chicks). ” Breaking up, they tell us, is just “one click.” Definitely ideal if you’ve ever had to take the time out to key in one of those annoying text message break-ups.

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