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Also, she'll respond best to realistic compliments."You're the physical embodiment of everything I look for in a woman" will immediately set off her bullsh--t alarm."You've got beautiful eyelashes" will make her blush.

Stand up and hum a little before you call—it will bring your voice to the ideal pitch.

If she sits at the end of the table, sit in the first seat to her left. "A confident man realizes he should give the woman the choice to turn to him, and he is sure that she will." Be Direct If you'd like to go into her apartment, tell her at the door—and skip the excuse about needing to use her bathroom. "Women hate that." Celebrate Her Success A confident man doesn't feel emasculated if the woman he's with makes more money than he does; he takes it as a compliment.

Turn toward her from the waist, which will give her the opportunity to turn toward you. "More than ever, successful single women earning more than K a year are looking for warm, loving men," says Coche.

At the top of this page, you will see a long list of live cam girls who are performing right this instant.

Take a look at who is online, see their ages, and get a sneak preview into what they are currently doing on live cam before you even enter the room.

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