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She has all sorts of strange versions of that phasing power -- it proves quite difficult for Ant-Man and Wasp to deal with."Quantum leap: In the first movie, the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), explains how his wife Janet was lost in the Quantum Realm, sacrificing herself to become so small she could slip between the molecules of a missile.

Janet (Michelle Pfeiffer) is Hope's mom, and we expect a mother-and-child reunion in this film.

(Comic points out it's possible Scott slips the bracelet onto a human-sized ant who's seen playing the drums.The official synopsis for the movie says it takes place after Captain America: Civil War, but doesn't get specific. Two weeks until Marvel Studios' #Ant Man and #The Wasp.Get your tickets now: https://t.co/w FUEUBJAmu #Ant Man And The Wasp pic.twitter.com/Ffw De GHJy4— Ant-Man and The Wasp (@Ant Man) June 22, 2018 Busted: Actually, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) knows exactly where Ant-Man was: He was under house arrest.So, I don't have to do anything physically to activate shrinking wings, blasters growing, none of that. A new teaser trailer insinuates that Scott may have a feeling something big is coming: "I saw the end of everything," he says.I just think it and it happens." Check your calendar: Even though Ant-Man and The Wasp itself comes out a few months after Avengers: Infinity War, the two movies aren't in sync. Before the war ends, our smallest hero becomes our biggest hope.

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