Ways of intimidating people

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You see, by taking your own nerves and chattering self-depreciating thoughts out of the mix, you’ll be able to hear what they’re really saying.And you’ll hear their own worries, insecurities and anxieties.Not a version of you, an imitation or a mishmash character of all the people you feel you should be, but the real, authentic you.Trying to raise healthy self-confidence in a false persona is like trying to eat healthily on a diet of fast food.We may feel this way in the presence of people who are beautiful, charismatic, famous, or smart.

Like a yoga-newbie, stretch gently at first and soon you’ll amaze yourself at how far you can go.Sometimes they say yes because it takes them outside their comfort zone. By repeatedly stepping outside your comfort zone, you boost your confidence in believing you can go even further next time.And you can’t be confident and intimidated at the same time.In these cases, the feeling of intimidation comes from experiencing these two things simultaneously: While your natural inclination might be to avoid such people, spending time with them can really help you grow personally and professionally. Most importantly, you learn to act and reach out to people even when you are afraid.Here are 5 things you will learn by hanging out with them: When you learn to act in spite of your fears, you learn courage. You will gain an advantage over others by creating more opportunities to form relationships with potentially influential people.

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