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Also, the thrill of meeting new people in a seemingly consequence-free environment may pique the interest of So, what can you do?

You can try to prevent your teen from installing dating apps by using parental controls or setting up restrictions that block off-limit sites or require them to get approval for all apps they download (learn how to do this in i OS and Android).

If you sign up via email, you have to enter a birth date that indicates you're over 18, though there's no verification.

When teens 13 and older try to log in to Badoo via Facebook, they can, but the Hot or Not app doesn't allow it.

And though most opt for Snapchat or Instagram to widen their social circles, some are curious enough to try one of the many messaging apps that promise to help them "make new friends." While these apps are designed more for casual communication than are the mainstream fee-based dating services such as Match and Ok Cupid, they make it super easy to text, video-chat, and share pics with strangers.

At this point, most parents would say "no way" and stop reading right now.

As sex relationship therapist Courtney Geter, LMFT, tells Bustle, "These feelings can be triggered by thoughts about your sexual performance, body image issues, and comparing yourself to this person's other partners or hook ups." The nerve-racking list is endless, really. However you define "hook up" — a one night stand, the first time you have sex with a partner-to-be, etc.

But you might also feel worried about making some kind of "mistake."While not everyone gets nervous when they're with someone new, it is totally normal to feel a bit self-conscious or awkward, or to wonder what's "OK" and what isn't.

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But it's a good idea to have a general idea, lest anyone's feelings get hurt — especially if you're very invested in the relationship and whether or not it moves forward. If it isn't a little awkward, something's wrong." difficult to say "no" or "not yet." That's why it's so important to set up boundaries ASAP, certified life coach Cassandra James tells me."Consider using an app like i Survive, which allows you to quickly and secretly send your location to multiple friends at once so they can come to your aid without involving family members or the authorities — unless absolutely necessary," says Daniel Saurborn, MD, in an email to Bustle. OK, so the deed is done and you (hopefully) had a great time. "Maybe not immediately after, but at some point, talk about what happened," Luiz says. This will help grow your relationship, if that's what you'd like to happen. That's why, as relationship expert Kailen Rosenberg tells me, it's a good idea to check in with yourself before things go down. Go in knowing what you'll feel comfy doing, as well as what's not going to be OK.Is this just going to be a fun experience, or are you looking for a long-term partner? to spend the night showing your partner what's what.

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