Wes bentley dating dating headlines for match

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# Wesley Cook Bentley is popularly known as Wes Bentley. # He is an American actor known for blockbusters and independent films.

wes was really cute at saying yea why do ya think i married her!He continues, "It's a really interesting moment for Linda, in the script. The character I play, he's not trying to prey on her sexually.He wants to get out of her something from the shoot that's deeper, much more to do with how she feels." Bentley's getting that same reprieve from the media that's spent the last few years focusing on his addiction and friendship with Heath Ledger, but now tout his comeback.] would give me the attention it did," the actor told ELLE recently."I wasn't prepared for that at all, and that's part of why I didn't react so well." Bentley's hinting at a decade's worth of drug addiction, divorce, loss, and apathy toward his career that led to a run of low-profile roles making little to no splash. "That's what attracted me to acting to begin with, not really being locked into one experience in life," Bentley said of his diverse choices.

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