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It's the way that I've had to grow up, and it's the only way that I know how to be.I guess when people see a woman who is very strong and very independent it's hard for them for see how someone [like that] would give someone else another chance.Did you have someone to talk about your feelings and emotions with?De Anna Pappas: This was the hardest thing I've ever had to do.My sister and my brother are my best friends and to come home and not be able to tell them that my heart was breaking and to just smile and say "You'll just have to watch and see" was the hardest thing that I've ever had to so.The only thing that just happened to be to my benefit was that Brad did [ask the producers to] fly my dad out there -- apparently to ask my dad's permission [to marry me] and it never happened -- so luckily my dad was there that night, after the final Rose Ceremony.Between the producers and my dad, I spent so much time talking to these people and trying to understand and they were trying to understand -- it was pretty much confusing for every single one person.

Reality TV World: Have you talked at all Brad at all since the special was filmed on Friday?That was so good to me on so many levels, because I could speak to my dad, I could ask his advice and throughout this entire crazy journey I was able to talk to my dad. Reality TV World: Did Brad ever talk to your dad at all after the final Rose Ceremony or were you the one who had to explain the situation to him? De Anna Pappas: The producers and myself had to explain the situation to my father, he never got to talk to Brad.Reality TV World: So your father was the only one that was able to comfort you over the last couple of months? I mean of course, I talked with the producers and they were amazing.On Wednesday, De Anna, a 25-year-old realtor who currently resides in Neunan, GA, talked to Reality TV World about why she decided to give Brad a second chance; what she'd tell critics who thought her decision was unbecoming a self-described strong, independent woman; whether she's now any less confused about Brad's reasons for rejecting her; what she'd do if he were to suddenly have a change of heart; and whether she'd be interested in giving a revival of The Bachelor's currently-dormant The Bachelorette sister series a whirl.special and it was hard having to come home [after the taping] and having to deal with being rejected again for a second time and still being confused.

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