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Chaya believes that men get emasculated and are not really as interested when a woman is forthcoming - do men consciously go out of their way to feel like this, or is this because despite evolving from cavemen, at their core men only feel comfortable when they are the ones in the 'hunting' role.Kam observed that despite men taking the lead and making the first move, women are the ones who remain in control.Anil believes it starts with making the first move and despite how nerve racking it might be for a man, he has to come across as confident to stand any chance.Assuming she says yes to a first date, the guy then has to arrange a suitable date.On a first date, most guys will base a decision on whether to ask for a second date, depending on whether they find the woman and her personality attractive.Whereas, women put men under pressure to demonstrate their levels of substance, intelligence, stability, financial security and so forth, failure to comply, a guy can kiss any chances of a second date goodbye."Asian women often complain that Asian men are not chivalrous, they do not know how to treat a woman but they do not realise the pressures that are placed upon men". He believes that women are more judgemental on a first date than men and they often analyse every single detail and perhaps make rash decisions without even giving the guy a real chance.

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Or is this something that is inbred from the moment they are born as procreators and their maternal instincts crave this security.So arguably the dating game is hard for both genders but in different ways.For example, Seema commented that men prefer younger women, so it's more challenging for older women but is this men's fault, or down to nature and the way that they are genetically wired?In his mid-20s, City professional Kam believes that men have it harder as they have to make the first move, which puts women in a position of control.He believes that in a bar for example, a number of guys may approach the same woman.

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