Who is amber rose currently dating bonnie jill laflin dating

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Kanye’s catastrophic “30 showers” comment made it worse.

Amber dated NBA player, James Harden briefly before they broke up.

Rumors of Rose dating the 24-year-old rapper has been making rounds since the BET Experience last month.

They confirmed the rumors with their lovestruck Instagram stories on July 4.

While dating Kanye, she became friends with Beyonce and Jay Z and also landed a few big modeling gigs.

However, their relationship came to an end in 2010 with Rose accusing the now Mrs.

After catching the famed rapper’s attention, Rose and West found themselves in a romantic relationship. The summer of 2010, Bush and Rose were clubbing partners.

taken-by=amberrose&hl=en And if you had any doubts about how serious they are, Rose has even introduced her new beau to her son!The couple maintains an amicable relationship, coming together for their son, raising him together and throwing him birthday parties as a family.The two even shared a smooch on the red carpet back in February! taken-by=amberrose&hl=en But Rose was dragged into Kanye and Khalifa’s Twitter feud, when Yeezy implied she was a gold digger.Of course, Miss Rose can hold her own and weighed in on her ex’s tweet with a single dignified response. The 33-year-old competed on Dancing with the Stars season 23 with pro, Maksim Chmerkovskiy.While she showed sizzling chemistry with Maks in the ballroom, outside the ballroom, she was working on her chemistry with Maks’ brother, Valentin.

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