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Along with claiming that he had frequent bouts of unpredictable rage.Axl claimed otherwise and the lawsuit was eventually settled outside of court.The footage, comprised mostly of S&M stuff between Axl and Erin, was unreleased at the time.The marriage eventually ended 10 months after the Las Vegas wedding.

Her father was Don Everly, member of the famous rock and roll duo The Everly Brothers.That song will always be attached to her and she’s in the video!You know their audience level without “Sweet Child O’ Mine” was like that we’ll say, right as soon as they released “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and it became pretty much that.According to Rolling Stone, the band Great White used a recording of Erin Everly defending herself from punches thrown by Axl Rose on their 1992 album.In 1994, People Magazine published an article about Axl’s abusive relationships with ex-wife and previous girlfriend Stephanie Seymour.

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