Who is billy currington dating

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Instead, someone needs to tell Currington it’s not 2016 anymore and to ditch the faux R&B shtick he’s trying to pull on his new single, “Details.” If you’ve found yourself disgruntled with mainstream country music over the past few years, “Details” has just about everything you’d hate – incredibly loud, lousily mixed percussion (complete with snap tracks!

), fake drums that only sour whatever romantic vibe this is aiming for, and, later, a sour guitar tone to try and give this song a more “serious” atmosphere.

You could give this to Chris Lane, Dustin Lynch, Dylan Scott or whoever else, and nothing would change.

And, as you might have guessed by now, the lyrics certainly don’t offer anything commendable.

Currington confirmed the news to fans late Thursday (4-16) evening.

is preventing children from being harmed by gun violence.

Our programs encompass things like community-based prevention, supporting social and emotional learning in schools, teaching Mental Health First Aid, teaching kids how to be inclusive at school, and helping people to know the signs of someone who may be in a mental crisis.

In other words, if you were to experiment with Garage Band, chances are whatever you made would end up sounding better than this.

For a song that’s trying to aim more soulful and breezier, it’s stifled by blocky textures with no warmth or groove to them whatsoever.

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