Who is dating laura ramsey

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While she was growing up, Laura attended Laconia High School situated in Rosendale, Wisconsin and graduated in 2001.She further acquired her bachelor’s degree in theatre from Ripon College of Performing Arts in Wisconsin.For starters, she is the illegitimate daughter of Bobbie Spencer. In an exclusive to Soaps In Depth, the Mrs revealed the divorce was amicable.

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He founded the luxury clothing and fashion company over a decade ago, the brand has extended its operations to the big cities in the US. The latter pleads insanity and is, therefore, sent to Ferncliff Asylum. Luckily, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) helped her get released. And when she fell down the stairs during her baby shower, she accused Carly of pushing her.The lovebirds began their relationship a few years ago, however, there is no much information regarding their relationship.The couple has a daughter named Dorothy Chait, they both reside in Malibu, California.

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