Who is diego gonzalez dating raymond felton dating

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The Mexican actor Diego Boneta is popular and known, but unfortunately for all the ladies, he is of the market and dating someone special in his life that he really cares about.

He testified that Paz was making out with Gonzalez in the back seat of her car when he ran up, dragged Gonzalez out of the car at the point of the gun, shot him twice in the face. “I shot him.” Perry said that he and Paz then recruited several friends to help destroy evidence by setting Gonzalez’s body on fire and in providing them with an alibi.The fact that Diego Boneta girlfriend is a daughter of one famous singer named Luis Miguel, who is highly known in Mexico she always wanted to become independent from her parents and have something in her life that she has achieved on her own.So Diego Boneta girlfriend has stated that she is happy about her carrier and financial independence.She pleaded guilty Thursday, three days before jury selection was scheduled to begin for what would have been her second trial.Paz will now be eligible for parole consideration in about 2018.

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