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The two main leads definitely had awesome chemistry. If it focused on the "romance" it would have bumped to a 5.

There's something about Jung Kyung Ho that does something to my soul. I love his sense of comedic and bad ass acting styles. Nonetheless, i will end up watching this drama again!

It's more to do with the writing than the actress herself (I liked her better in 2 weeks for instance) . They ultimately agreed/approved everything that Joon Hee did to the Hermia company, I hate it when the really bad guys get away with whatever despicable things they do in the dramas! Hopefully after this Falling For Soon Jung, he will continue to have new drama coming. Awesome Jung Kyung Ho I've seen the first 4 episodes and this drama has already a lot to offer!!! @AIAT well its not the actress too old, i think that is because her face is like super skinny and you know that puffy cheeks make u look younger than u real age are, and i mean who cares?

I felt that for a drama about her character, we spent more time with Joon Hee than her. That does not even compare to the childhood Lee Joon Hee had. The writers should make an example of them as well! just finished this and trust me when i say this drama is a must-watch. As with all her previous drama, this one is not an exception. I wanted to see it because I really liked the two leads and their acting is still excellent!!! :) As for Kim So-Yeon, I really loved her in Prosecutor Princess and I'm really happy with her character and her acting in this new drama... he's hot, she's pretty in her own way, honestly i dont really a fan of her face either but u should watch her other drama i need romance 3 and prossecutor princess, her acting totally charming and her acting cover her appearance... I personally really like this drama and I am sure all of cruel city fans will like it as well because.

I enjoyed it overall, but the I felt the romance was put too much in the background when it should have been the main focus of the story... We spend lots of time watching him fight his foes and not enough on his gradual change. Am I the only one here with a negative comment for this drama? She was so mean with her best friend (though he was the villain here) but that's not the point. Even as a friend and that's one of the main reasons he actually turned out bad. He was bullied for being poor and at that time his best friends didn't even help him. Being used as a dog in a multimillion company to do the dirty work and still being treated as dirt it's so shitty! Ditch him and supports another idiot who is as bad if not worse than him. Yes Kang Min Ho is really such a bad person, I can't even explain. ive had had so many dramas watched (not bragging lol) but yeah, this is in my top list. i didnt imagine id fall in love with soon jung and min ho.... i love his bad cool funny character and i mean that's hahahaha when he's really funny. That way there would never be any question to her love for him!!!! I would boycott this writer if that is what happens! He feels no guilt towards Dong Wook or his own father! I have watched up to 3rd episodes, and so far so good. I love all drama with Kim So Yeon, especially her Prosecutor Princess and I need Romance 3. : ) Jung Kyoung-Ho doesn't play a lot but each time, his character is unique and beautifully written. @Panda @sarah @jimin @Blue (@wordpress) just finished watching ep 4, right her acting is really good, after watching ep 3 and 4 i stopped even caring! Jung Kyoung also has that same intensity in this drama as he did in cruel/heartless city Great leads, but I hope writers don't take cliche path by giving Soon-Jung dead lover's heart to Min-Ho?

It felt like he changed a bit too fast to my taste. Anyway, reasons why this was not a good drama for me: 1. And if he had the money he would have brought the moon for this girl. In case the audience forgot, he was such a shitty person and for what? you'll fall in love with this drama; ill bet my hands on that. In every episode, there's always a cute, funny & interesting scene to remember.. It makes me feel sad to end 16 episodes, Script writers, producers and directors please make another interesting story or Fall in Love with Soon-Jung season 2 with the same actors (Jung Kyoung-Ho, Kim So-Yeon, Yoon Hyun-Min, Lee Si-Un). I really love Jung Kyoung Ho oppa acting.his works,movies,dramas etc..really his act is a piece of an art, awesome,marvelous and memorable. I was in awe at his Doctor's Son's characterization in Heartless City!!! the drama is too good, and Jung Kyoung Ho acting is amazing, he doesn't stop to surprise me! It looks like both guys are in same accident before heart transplant.

The one the director kang min-ho has for his ringtone "tell me when you're tired of these repetitive days"~ I'm desperate I just Love it! It had everything, a great cast, humor, great romance and without the need of too much PDA. @ilovecinema not hatin ur opinion but do u actually get the concept of the story? he has this cute side in him that its difficult not to fall.... it's really surprising that it's the writer's first project! @mia, maybe bcz the lead actress looks older than the male lead on screen but other than that no problem both are good portraying their roles. C'était bien, surtout avec l'acteur Jung Kyung-Ho qui était le meilleur pour moi ! All performers did splendidly, convincingly, movingly. I normally prefer more "tragic" conclusions, but this drama compelled the audience from start to finish with its unique blend of melodrama, light comedy, and touching romance. Highly recommended particularly for Jung Kyung Ho fans. I only watch dramas from 3 big networks (sbs, kbs and mbc) but this is one is exceptional! She didn't care about finding the culprit of so called loves hit run but instead focused on allowing herself continuously abused by the main lead. Please give this drama a chance, you won't be disappointed!!! Looking forward another hit drama with the same actors. I just hope that Kim Soon Jung doesn't leave Kang Min Ho when she finds out that he received Ma Dong Wook's heart! Episode 12 was just a roller coaster of emotions for KMH, especially when his father appeared before him! The way he looked at her the way he talked to her during that moment was sooooooo warm and heart throbbing and full of love and and and goshhh I just love that part, I can rewind it for thousandth time! I hope I can see more of him in next project after Falling in love with Soon Jung a.k.a Falling for Innocence drama (great drama too, too heartwarming and sweet!!

With these Korean movies you people are teaching this hell-world how to love..

Still enjoyable in spite of being predictable 7 out of 10. Okay, so before I finished this show a posted a desperate comment asking and wondering if there would be a second season because the chapters this season had seemed impossibly short to tell this great plot, but I was wrong, they were more than enough. well that's at least because im a romantic drama fan so yeah romance yeah ah whatever hahaha i love this drama so much! one of the sweetest dramas ever ^^ even though the storyline was pretty cliche, the performances by the actors and actresses were awesome! Typical Korean rom-com which got me interested in following K-drama in the 1st place. I like it, especially the lead actor Jung Kyung-Ho ! Disgusting show what loser main female lead I feel sorry for the dead husband he was used by the shows writer as prop. The best korean drama in 2015, all time favourite dramas. Min Ho being childish, selfish and self centred and his confusion when he unwillingly has a crush on Soon Jung. I still remember his dark, deep, tough character as Doctor Son's in Cruel City a.k.a Heartless City..really powerful indeed and now in this comedy-romantic drama like Smile, You he show us more powerful side of his act..really can't get enough of him in screen. the drama is great, sad and funny at the same time!! This drama's official translated title is "Falling for Innocence", because Soon-Jung means "innocence" in korean, it's a worldplay. If that's the case, falling for person who receives lover's transplanted heart has been done many times before. I want Yoon Hyun-Min to have a lead role in a romantic comedy! I wrote repeatedly that Song Jae Rim needs a lead role when I saw his skills in Two Weeks where he had few lines, but, his body language spoke volumes, and in Inspiring Generation where his feline movements and charisma stole quite a few scenes! Someone finally put him in a role where the viewers can see the real Jae Rim: We Got Married!

What is the song shares between Kim soon-Jung and ma dong wook ????? As someone who has spent a great part of their life watching only american sitcoms or dumb dramas, this show was like a breeze of fresh air. I admire Woo-sik's loyalty as a friend to Min-ho, Ok-Hyun as a loyal friend to Dong-wook, Joon-hee's determination for the top (mainly for soon-Jung I think), Soon-jung remained strong despite everything that happened to her, Dong-wook's unconditional love and at last but not the least, Min-ho for his willingness to change for the better and for the one that he loves. (my favs are stairrway to heaven hana yori dango etc and yeah that's i say this drama is so looveeee ;) jung kyung ho made me laugh, made me cry and ultimately made me fall in love with him..... initially, i didnt expect this drama to be worth watching but jung kyung ho made it damn good,, ofcoz other includes too... paired up with witty details, i definitely recommend this drama! then it changed with another scene, soon jung is walked and she said miss min ho. and then min ho just comeback to came in woo sik's wedding and tell with dialog that he comeback from america bcs bussiness. Great acting, it's just that I feel the producer could have either chosen a different male lead or a female lead. I would rate this drama a ***/ ***** (3 / 5 stars) ! She's been in korean showbusiness for such a long long time! This is a very good drama but also has some very big flaws..i think the best parts of this drama are the superb portrayal of the Kang Min ho character by jung kyung ho with the humor,serious,tough,innocent parts played so naturally and brilliantly,the camaraderie and humor between Kang min ho and his secretary, the suspense element and the impressive cameo of Jin goo.the fatal flaws are the extremely stiff acting of Kim so yeon,her lack of expressions,her lack of chemistry with her three female friends is very obvious.fact that Soon jung is able to get over her relationship of 20 plus years with her fiancée,even able to forget his death and within few months of his passing away, starts falling for Kang min ho makes her character very light and flimsy,she is not at all concerned or interested about his unfair death and not in one clip even inquires about the same from her police friend, also the poorly developed character of Lee joon hee are all facts very difficult to ignore..i think the acting of Jung Kyung ho saves the whole show,,i would rate it a 7/10 I'm choosy when it comes to watching kdramas. And her fiance what disgusting female associating with corrupt businessmen flirting with other men whilst her fiance was still alive and soon after he died. I was a little skeptical at first, but damn this drama won me over... Kudos to the actors for their amazing performances. Thanks JTBC for choosing the talented actors & actresses. Although Kim Seo Yeon looks older than Min Ho in this drama, I can see why she was casted as Soon Jung, she acted out that role superbly. [Spoiler alert] Omaigod I cant resist myself when Kang Min Ho look at Soon Jung dearly at in ep 11. I'm always expected the best out of him since he chose his work based on script, storyline, director and cast..really good work oppa..daebak!! He has earned it from both Witch's Romance and Discovery of Love!

She has been touched and kissed without permission, slapped too on occasions and its all ok because she accepts it all ! A good drama, but it's really sad to see almost all the korean, actually, almost in all the word, the male leaders been soo rude, and selfish.

This is not a good role model for the boys and girls watching. But it's like all the bad things that they do has a justification and the girl must have accept EVERYTHING to be with him. I wish they didn't spend so much time on the corporate side of the story.

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