Who is eric nies dating

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So what does the reality television veteran have to say about the show that made him famous over two decades ago and his subsequent journey as a Challenge competitor?

Read below to find out more about the last true reality-television gentleman.?

My parachute finally popped out via a CO2 cartridge that serves as a last resort. ” Do you ever feel like some of what they ask you to do is unsafe?

That night I was laying there trying to go to bed and thought, “I almost fucking died today, and that would’ve been a terrible day.” Then, in true MTV fashion, Eric Nies and I hosted and they asked us to skydive in tuxedos. Are there points where you want to say, “No way.” They’re not “unsafe,” but I don’t think they truly test how a cast member would actually perform.

In addition, he is part of the Hollywood Heroes campaign as a spokesperson for Kids Kicking Cancer, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with cancer through mind-body training in the martial arts.

I even thought of becoming a weatherman because I always felt they were less stuffy than the news people.His trademark training style "East West Chi" is a fusion of Eastern health and wellness philosophies and more contemporary Western training techniques that serve as a model for living a fully integrated life mentally, physically and spiritually.John is the owner of The Power Center in Red Bank, New Jersey, a group fitness and personal training facility.I also feel like it has become the Johnny Bananas show.Everyone has a love/hate relationship with Johnny, but he shows up and puts in the work. We are actually in the process of doing another project outside of the challenge. Do you think it’s an evil move or it’s just part of the game?

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