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Some people are into cooking, and I’m into that type of stuff. comes out next month, and the tracklisting is incredibly varied.When you do something like Rock and Shock, do you go to any of the panels or do you look for collectibles or anything like that? I don’t even know anything about that; it’s a date for the Blackest of the Black for me, that’s all I know. Wolfgang von Frankenstein, former Misfits guitarist) is playing this date — do you guys plan on rolling back the clock at all and doing a Misfits’ set? You won’t typically find covers of Black Sabbath and The Everly Brothers on the same collection. It took me so long to getting around to recording this one [laughs].Because it’s not something every artist experiences. Actually one of the reasons I originally signed with Rick Rubin, because so many labels were trying to sign me then, was that he understood that.I don’t want just two records that are gone, I want people to be coming back to my stuff years and years later like all of my favorite artists like the Velvet Underground and on and on.As frontman of the long-running hard-rock band that bears his last name, the 61-year-old singer toggles between a tender croon and a dramatic bellow.As a songwriter, he revels in gruesome imagery of skulls and demons.In fact, he already has a full album of songs by the King in the can, appropriately dubbed caught up with Danzig earlier this week ahead of Saturday’s show at Rock and Shock in Worcester to talk about the upcoming reissues project for the Danzig albums, his enduring and still evolving legacy, the possibility of another covers record and the age old question, how exactly do you pronounce “Samhain?” Michael Christopher: You just played New Orleans, a city for which you’ve always had an affinity. Glenn Danzig: Well, we haven’t played there for a while, so we played until they kicked us offstage.

Late next month, he has a covers album due out titled which will feature the singer taking on tracks by Aerosmith, ZZ Top, the Everly Brothers and, of course, Elvis.

Just curious, seems so private, can't find any info on him or family really, so I keep wondering.

On the other hand, I am kinda scared to find out who she is and then see her nowadays. She still does her little dance in her dingy apartment.

I've never even seen a picture of him with any girlfriends or anything.

“Moderate” is not the first word anyone would use to describe Glenn Danzig.

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