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You'd know that I'm not allowed to wear hoop earrings, right? Two years ago she told me hoops earrings were *her* thing and I wasn't allowed to wear them anymore. Yes, every Thursday he thinks she's doing SAT prep but really she's hooking up with Shane Oman in the projection room above the auditorium!And then for Hannakuh my parents got this pair of really expensive white gold hoops and I had to pretend like I didn't even like them and... I never told anybody that because I am *such* a good friend!She has brown eyes and wears makeup throughout the film, significantly more than her fellow Plastics.She mentions that she enjoyed wearing hoop earrings as a personal accessory for quite some time, but was forced to give them up by Regina, after the latter claimed that is was 'her thing'.She comes from an extremely rich family, as her father is the inventor of Toaster Strudel.Through the entire movie, Gretchen is shown to be one of the nicer members of the Plastics, only being mean-spirited under the influence of Regina.

Finally, she's also wearing her beloved hoop earrings.

She has also shown to be really nice in certain situations, such as the moment she met Cady Heron and admired her bracelet.

However, she can also be very pessimistic and downright negative, as she's always been self-conscious about her looks and keeps comparing herself to other girls in school.

At the Winter Talent Show for the plastics performance of Jingle Bell Rock performance, she overreacts when Regina tells her to switch places with Cady, claiming she is "always" on Regina's left.

When performing, there is visible space between her and the other Plastics, as though Regina's "rejection" had her unsure of her place in the group.

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