Who is jasmine v dating 2016

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Jasmine said that his career "wasn't going anywhere" so he was living with her and she would have to give him money.Although he was older than her, she felt obligated to take care of him.Fans then accused Jinsu of beating Jasmine, which he denied.Jasmine's older brother Jream, released a song on Youtube called "My Story" in response to drama.

Jinsu performed with Jasmine at the Microsoft Grand Opening in July 2011.

American pop up and R&B singer, Jasmine V has now signed up together with Damon Dash and worked on a introduction that has supposed to comprise collaborations out of label-mate and former Missy Elliott protege, Nicole Wray.

Villegas has emerged together with American rapper Becky G, to the pay of Latina publications from February 2014 issue.

He would hit, choke, slap, punch, and suffocate her.

He would get mad about everything and start fights.

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