Who is jayson blair dating

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Blair also implies that he purposely fabricated his stories in order to get back at the Times. But the author makes an interesting point -- basically called Blair an assimilationist and said the situation would never improve unless journalists of color are allowed to be themselves and not suck up.Each one I got away with felt like a f you to an institution that I had long ago lost any love for, the Post reports. By JULIO MORAN Executive Director, California Chicano News Media Association, USC Annenberg School of Journalism In his June 1 column ["Media troubles go deeper than Blair scandal," Commentary], Steven Greenhut is correct in saying that affirmative action is partially to blame for the Jayson Blair scandal.According to the Washington Post, Blair and his literary agent, David Vigliano, are pitching Blairs proposed book Burning Down My Masters House to various publishers.The proposal allegedly promises to reveal the Times darkest secrets including charges of racism and drug use.Until journalists of color are allowed to be themselves in America's newsrooms, then, Mr. Book Deal Wed Sep 10, PM ET By Gina Keating LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Disgraced former New York Times reporter Jayson Blair, whose plagiarism and inventing of sources brought down the newspaper's two top editors, signed a book deal worth about 0,000, a publisher said on Wednesday.Greenhut, you are correct that our industry will lose even more credibility and readership. Blair, a black reporter who resigned from the Times in May, got a "mid six-figure" advance for the memoir, tentatively titled "Burning Down My Master's House: My Life at the New York Times," New Millennium Books President Michael Viner said.

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Blair also compares himself to alleged DC sniper John Malvo saying the shootings show how the frustrations of black men in this world can explode, crescendo into a huge rage that can manifest itself in some odd and sometimes unclear ways. He also is correct that diversity in journalism focuses too much on skin color and surnames rather than on diversity of views.

But he is wrong in casting a wide net over affirmative action by saying it hurts journalism and those that it is supposed to benefit.

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