Who is joey jordison dating

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“I’ve been through so much fucking shit over the last few years and people just don’t know.”Part Two - Struggle The news that Joey had seemingly been sacked from Slipknot came as a huge shock to everyone, even without the additional knowledge of his devastating health problems. All I got was a stupid fucking email saying that I was out of the band that I busted my ass my whole life to fucking create, you know? I can’t imagine just sending Corey or Shawn or Mick a fucking letter, without a band meeting.

From the band’s enormous fanbase, through to many of us in the metal world that have always known him to be, at the very least, a wholly dedicated and passionate member of that 18-legged, arena-smashing entity, it was a wildly unexpected turn of events. We’re friends and we’ve been through so much shit together, but that was all it was, a fucking letter.

Since that startling news broke in December 2013, Joey has been conspicuous by his absence from our ears, eyes and screens.And this is what I want to clarify for my fans…” – he punches his hand to emphasise the importance of this statement – “…it had to do with fucking drugs or fucking alcohol!”Several times during our interview, Joey’s eyes fill with tears.Part One - Revelation“This is very important to me.You’re getting something that I have not told anyone. It’s fucking hardcore, man.” Joey Jordison has got a few things to get off his chest.

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