Who is jonathan rhys myers dating

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Essentially youre selling yourself and if you can garner a gay audience, gay men and women who love your films, then straights will follow. I can really see her playing very sophisticated roles. Keris got maturity without looking any older than 25. Im playing Henry VIII [in Tudors]a sort of younger, sexier version of Henry VIII. Youve got a lot of actresses out there, but nobodys as quite asand this might be a horrible way of describing ithandsomely beautiful as Keri Russell is. If I wasnt an actor, Id probably design womens shoes. Not too long ago, Lane and Meyers volunteered their time at Barretstown, an organization rebuilding the lives of children suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses through life-changing therapeutic recreation programs. Can we talk about how adorable their cat with one eye is? Lane even showed off her sparkler at a Christmas party, and it looked like the couple were truly in love. I have so many more to share of the filming and friends we met along the way as well but will share them closer to Memorial Day when it airs and/or give them to A&E folks to share as do not want to blow up your feeds. It was reported that Meyers relapsed after learning the miscarriage, and is now speculated that their time apart was to help him recover. #TBT this photo is after another reunion and makes me happy so hopefully will make you smile and have nice feels too. Ridiculously loving, super protective, patient and attentive. *Us on a boat in a canal in Venice during the filming of #Aspern Papers. **We will be in Boston this weekend for the @bostonfilmfestival #Boston Film Fest17 to view #Damascus Cover so if in area please come by and say hello and support our film. Wolf is basically snuggled, kissed, adored, sang to and entertained any free minute he has by his Papa. He grew up in Cardiff and attended Welsh-medium schools, Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Melin Gruffydd (in Whitchurch, Cardiff) and Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf (in Llandaff North, Cardiff).

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The Mission: Impossible III costar told us about his infamous Velvet Goldmine sex scene with Ewan Mc Gregor and why he thinks playing Elvis (for which he won a Golden Globe) was his gayest role yet.

And now, 10 years later, hes the leading man of the moment. And then you get one that changes that and they define you as that for a period of time. And anyone who did that much hunting, fucking, and cutting peoples heads off really didnt have too much time to sit around on his La-Z-Boy watching Friends.

What wasnt cool 10 years ago Clive Owen was back in England making films and no one gave a shit. Theres a lot of men in the closet for many, many years. But still its not as free as it would be here in New York. Ive got lots of really, really ultra-straight friends in Ireland who would still have major problems not the same as they would have 10 or 20 years ago, but they still hold some element of prejudice. But it wasnt until Match Point came out that people said, He can play a straight leading man. Sometimes you will get a role that will define you for a certain period of time as what you are. Henry didnt like having paintings of him in real life. He was quite a lean guy who was quite into hunting.

Here are some exclusive outtakes from our chat with the cheeky lad.

When we were doing the scene, I kept reaching my hand down and squeezing his ass and he was trying to fucking concentrate. Monkey where I was Rupert Everetts boyfriend, and you can imagine, Rupert wasnt uptight at all.

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