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Here’s a tweet from the night “So You Think You Can Date” first aired.Martin’s wearing the shirt that Korie and Missy picked out for him, and he’s calling it a shot of their first date. It’s really this next adorable photo of Martin and Brittany from October 22, 2012 that really seems to debunk the “first date” storyline, unless Brittany was always “clingy” — even when they were just friends 😉 You know what, though? So, the folks compressed the timeline of Martin and Brittany’s romance a bit to make the story a little tighter (and to show us Martin’s mustard and sock hoarding habits). This is one adorable couple, and they appear to have great chemistry.For me it’s hard to find a “worst” about living in SF, some might say the weather but I find its temperamental moodiness to be quite inspiring.So I would have to say the worst thing about living in San Francisco is how much I miss it when I’m away touring for half of the year.

He can usually be found at the family dinners, and can always be found in the duck call room working, on Duck Dynasty.I remember getting off the boat for the first time and the island natives offered to carry me to shore on their shoulders so I wouldn’t get my feet wet.I ended up playing a sunset set on the beach and also six hours on a bar floating off the coast.But, it looks like that’s not an exactly accurate depiction of Martin and Brittany’s “relationship status.” Just a tiny bit of social media research led me to Brittany Brugman’s Twitter account, and a treasure trove of photos of her with her main squeeze, our guy, Martin.Photos on Martin’s Twitter account seemed to tell the same story.

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