Who is kellie shanygne williams dating

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Laura sees that Mother Winslow (who manages to veil her extreme disappointment) has been hurt, Laura goes to great lengths to get the quilt back, and gives a tearful plea to the curator; although the curator tries not to let emotion get in the way, she eventually agrees to give it back.

Another time, when Steve vowed to stay on top of her house until Laura agreed to go out on a date him, Laura finally gave in, only for the overjoyed nerd to slip from a snow-covered roof, fall to the ground, and have his date in a hospital room. Stefan was everything Laura hoped her one-week suitor would be: handsome, suave, graceful, good social graces, cool; all traits Steve did not have at first.

In fact, Laura countlessly rejects Steve's requests to go out on a date; Steve supposedly has kept track, and counts the 1,000th rejection as a milestone in their relationship.

Although it has often been said in the series that Steve has a crush on Laura ever since kindergarten (when she supposedly made him eat Play-Doh), the first time that they are paired together is in the first season episode "Laura's First Date." Despite the friction and differences in feelings between the two, Laura appreciated Steve's efforts to be a friend, although this often was not realized until after Laura tries to end their friendship because of a mistaken belief that he is meddling in her life (such as when Urkel warns Laura about a potential boyfriend being a wolf in sheep's clothing).

During the early years of the series, Laura was the smart-aleck, know-it-all child of the Winslows, whom Eddie doesn't have a good relationship with at times.

In junior-high and high school, Laura was a straight-A student; her goal was to enroll in the Harvard Law School.

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