Who is singer trey songz dating

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Songz has till date released a total of seven albums and sold more than 14 million records, both albums, and singles, worldwide.Here is all you need to know about him, his family, brother, relationship status and net worth. He is the child of April (Gholson) Tucker and Claude Neverson Jr. His mother married his stepdad when he was 7-years-old.

According to Harvey was driven into Hamilton’s arms after Trey Songz was flirting with other women in his section.

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Late last year, we reported that Lori Harvey, the step daughter of comedian and host Steve Harvey, who had called off her engagement Memphis Depay was now dating singer Trey Songz. (@excusemy KARIZMA) February 4, 2019 Future calling Lori Harvey a thot even though he has 7 baby mamas and cheating on a new girlfriend every month is the perfect example of how infantile mens brains can be — Liana Grace (@x Li27NYC) February 4, 2019 Trey Songz, Future, Meek, Justin Combs…

Taylor loved what he heard but insisted that Songz finished high school before they could start working on his music.

In his final high school years, Trey Songz formed a vocal group called All Night Productions.

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