Who is tab hunter dating

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In a 2003 interview with , he elaborated on his time with Perkins, recalling how careful the couple had to be to keep their relationship a secret.“I didn’t flaunt things,” Hunter said. I didn’t like that.”The relationship eventually fizzled out, with Perkins at one point mentioning that his studio, Paramount, didn’t want him seeing Hunter anymore.“I know when Tony and I went to the movies, he would say, ‘Let’s go in disguise.’ We always wore baseball caps. “We just sort of grew apart,” Hunter said in the documentary.Had the three-year romance that followed been acceptable in the light of day, Hunter and Perkins might have been iconic: an East Coast–West Coast, sunny-meets-stormy power couple.

Meanwhile, his relationship with Perkins petered out after Hunter appeared in the TV baseball drama “Fear Strikes Out,” and then Perkins arranged to star in the movie version himself.

At eighty-four, he is still approachably handsome, dressed as if headed to a wine tasting in Napa: slacks and a light-blue Oxford shirt, with the sleeves rolled up.

He was in town with Allan Glaser, his partner of thirty-three years.

(They live in Santa Monica, with two horses and two whippets.) He added, “I’ve always been sort of an anti-label person.”That includes the other label he spent his career carefully avoiding.

In the fifties, homosexuality was considered a perversion, and it was particularly toxic for Hollywood leading men.

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