Who is troy aikman currently dating

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1995 guys - the world was quite a bit different for professional athletes back then. Besides, Bayless reported the rumors about Aikman being gay as coming from Coach Barry Switzer, with whom Aikman was having a major nasty public feud.PLUS he is freakin sex on a stick (well tree trunks when you look at his legs. Bayless reported other rumors from Switzer about Aikman, including that Aikman was racist.I have seen Troy walking on Katy Trail and Whole Foods.

R51 Look, that may be true of a lot of the Hollywood celebs, but the jury is no longer out on Aikman. Or a third option is that they are millennials who feel everyone gets a voice and they must have their opinions validated. The uptight straights in this town look at it as some type of hot scandal.

The football world is so macho and homophobic, it would not surprise me at all if a famous football star, eager not to lose powerful contacts and access, would get married so as not to arouse suspicion.

A wife and family is a good cover, unfair as it may be. I remember an old thread in the very early days of internet gossip (possibly Is He/She Gay) that had very specific details about Troy's gay life. Then someone would write in long messages trying to refute them. I remember once Troy going on a tirade about Cyberspace.

I just don't like when people lie or mislead to support their position. I have always laughed at DLers who assert that PR shills post here(after receiving Google Alert) to refute the chat implying one of their clients is **GASP** gay.

After reading the bizarre comments from the "Troy Aikman is straight" troll, I am beginning to think they may be onto something. Deal with it.[quote]Isn't Troy Aikman the one about whom Lorrie Morgan said that he only ever wanted to kiss her when they were in public?

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